Are you currently dealing with shoulder problems? 

Are you looking to avoid surgery or pharmaceuticals? 

Maybe you'd like to feel fully recovered from your surgery.

This course has several outcomes for you:

  • diminished pain
  • better range of motion
  • increased flexibility 
  • heal subluxation and dislocation
  • sustained power to prevent a recurring injury

Fully heal in weeks, not months

The course is presented in a down to earth, unique and authentic manner. 

Whether you are a progressive thinker who has experienced shoulder subluxation, dislocation, impingement, or frozen shoulder OR a trainer, coach, and professional healer who wants positive outcomes for your patients and clients--this course is for you. 

Get the full course immediately!

Course content includes:

  • Video demonstrations
  • Downloadable instructions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Ongoing email support

For a fraction of the cost of a complicated medical seminar or less than the cost of a month of health insurance, you will learn lifelong skills to heal yourself and others. 

If you're looking for transformational, sustainable healing, you've found it*.

*30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your results.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    How to Heal Shoulder Injuries for Life

    • What You Can Expect
    • What Qualifies and Motivates Me to Teach this Course
    • Tools to Use
    • The Technique: Rubbing and Rolling
    • Flexing the Fulcrum with Bands and Tubes
    • Flexing the Fulcrum with Weights and Pulleys
    • Swimming is a Trump Card
    • Nutrition and Summary
    • Preview Module FREE PREVIEW